Repairing Risky Work Environments

Manufacturing companies span the continental United States. Many of the jobs offered by manufacturing companies require that their employees be physically active while working. The machinery used in factories is highly specialized and can be dangerous. Thus, the operators of the machinery must be educated in operating as well as physically competent.

Companies are responsible for educating their employees and providing a safe work environment. According to the website of the attorneys at Robert Wilson & Associates, work-related injuries can result in injuries as severe as, brain injury, spinal word injury, amputation, and sometimes even death. The most common cause of workplace injury, however, is an unsafe professional environment. Asbestos was the most common material used for insulation in the late 1800’s to early 1900’s. Many manufacturing structures were first erected around this same time of industrial growth, so many older factories and manufacturing plants are inadvertently exposing their employees to asbestos.

In situations where asbestos is present, people in close proximity are subject to developing a specific type of cancer called mesothelioma. Mesothelioma is aggressive and hard to detect, so it’s important for property owners to make sure that their workspace isn’t insulated using asbestos or else they may be liable to covering the health costs of those affected.

In addition to asbestos, property owners should be mindful of the potential presence of lead paint and carbon monoxide. All of these contaminants are fairly easy to detect and correct. Some companies hire professional cleaners which offer full service pressure-cleaning amongst other services. Cleaners can help clean out superficial contaminants, but typically to remove asbestos and other toxic substances, structural measures need to be considered. Factories need to be shut down when removing asbestos which costs the company money, but ultimately saves the owner money in potential liability lawsuits.